Initia® Acetabular System

Initia® Acetabular System

Initia® Acetabular System
Initia® Acetabular System

Acetabular Shell

Initia acetabular hemispherical shell is available in three versions: No hole,
3 hole and Multi-hole hemispherical shell. It's polished inner surface minimizes backside wear of the polyethylene liner, and the outer surface coated with "Ti-Growth ® C" enhances initial stability.

Shell Hole Type

Acetabular Liner

Initia Acetabular Liner is made of GUR 1020 resin moderately crosslinked ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Crosslinked at 75kGy gamma irradiation, annealed at 120⁰C, and sterilized with gas plasma. The locking tabs of the liner fit corresponding locking grooves of the shell to provide rotational stability.

Liner Type


High strength, toughness, and low wear are key features of “BIOCERAM AZUL®”, Kyocera’s own ceramic technology composed of a high purity alumina matrix with zirconia reinforcement for increased strength, toughness, stability, and wear resistance.

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