Good Life, Well Wave.

"Contribute to improving the quality of life of people around the world and to making a better life."

Live healthy forever.
It is an irreplaceable joy of life.

To contribute to the improvement of Quality Of Life for each individual.
We will do our best to patients and provide surgeons with peace of mind and trust.

The enthusiasm ripples in the form of health.
And the rhythms of life and physical condition become smoother and smoother.

In the irreplaceable human enterprise of living healthily,
We, Kyocera, want to respond gently with new technology.


We promote research and development of advanced technologies to further develop medical care and improve QOL.

In addition to developing medical products to restore lost bodily functions, such as artificial joints and implants, we are developing proprietary devices to make daily health management more convenient. We will contribute to improving people's quality of life (QOL) by providing total preventive care solutions that extend healthy life spans as well.

  • Kyocera develops a variety of businesses, including medical devices, fine ceramics, semiconductor components, communications, and solar energy. Includes company/product/investor relations/recruitment information.
  • Kyocera offers excellent products in various medical fields based on fine ceramics and metal-based technologies. It is introduced in more detail on the Japanese website.
  • We are always looking to partner with distributors in the United States. If you are interested in doing business with our company, please contact us.